Stay online,
no matter what

Connect your POS or
streaming software to high-speed redundant Internet anywhere

Brian Gramo
Vice President
of Video Production
"Securing a reliable, redundant internet connection used to be complicated. Now it's a no brainer to have a MR•NET box for mission critical operations."

In any location for your existing broadband connection
Primary Uplink

Trusted Failover

Provided by cellular bonding that never fails
Works Anywhere
High-speed connectivity
for field teams and any remote work
Our Clients
MR•NET is a next-generation Internet provider for your business.

Never worry about connectivity issues again. Our Network-as-a-Service platform provides you with Internet access in any location within minutes, without long term contracts or hardware expenses.

The magic behind the service is that we bond the best available carriers into a self-redundant and high speed connection, sending data securely to its final destination.
Why We Rock
Greatest hits
How it works
Compatible with any hardware. Connects via LAN and/or Wi-Fi
Bonds 3 major carriers
together, and can bond
with your existing WAN/broadband & WiFi
Constantly monitored by our support team resolving issues before you see them
Plug-n-Play setup - no need for a technician
24/7 personalized customer support
AI based failure detection and resolution
Customer Suite provides universal transparency
Unlike other service providers, our 24/7 oversight ensures seamless connectivity and avoids service interruption. In light of any issues, our team is always available to find a resolution.
Connect any equipment to MR•NET in less then 10 minutes
Ideal for corporations,
small businesses, POS,
remote applications
Perfect for high-fidelity multi-
feed live streaming compatible
with any professional
video hardware
MR•NET Portals
Key features:
3 LTE modems bonded together to provide a redundant connection up to 100 Mbps
PoE or AC adaptor power supply
2.4 / 5 GHz Wi-Fi network (optional)
WAN port for existing broadband which can be set up in failover or bonding modes
Shockproof travel case (MR•NET+ feature)
    One Solution for Multiple Cases
    Catering & Events
    Maximize your revenue at events with personal ISP for POS terminals, cash machines and mission critical systems.
    Provide guaranteed failover for your mission critical systems - POS, PMS, loyalty apps and security cameras.
    SMBs & Remote Workers
    Retail Networks & Franchises

    Enjoy the freedom of your own personal Internet connection anywhere.
    Streamline your location management with a single contract, trusted Internet connection and unified infrastructure.