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Why Your Business Needs Better On-Site Connectivity

In 2022, we’ve reached a point where everything is digital, and there’s no going back. That means companies need reliable on-site connectivity to remain competitive and grow their businesses.

The problem? Reliability and affordability are two words that aren’t often used together when talking about today’s big telecom providers. Read on to discover why (and how) businesses can overcome poor on-site connectivity.

Why On-Site Connectivity Matters

Even just five years ago, a spotty Internet connection might not have made a huge impact on a business. But now that nearly everything has gone digital, an unreliable Internet connection can cause significant disruptions to business operations — and this can lead to loss of productivity and revenue.

Moreover, the pandemic has dramatically accelerated the adoption of remote work and, in turn, increased the need for reliable Internet. With nearly every business relying on the Internet to operate, it’s time companies consider a better alternative to big telecom Internet solutions.

Traditional On-Site Internet Solutions

Many businesses implement solutions that are redundant, and therefore reliable, but these approaches aren’t ideal. For example, many enterprises use a failover model, where the device switches to a backup connection when the primary connection goes down. However, this causes a disruption because these solutions don’t typically use a router that can combine multiple connections.

Since ISPs often operate in certain regions, it’s also difficult for franchises and other geographically large businesses to unify the management of their Internet connectivity. This requires multiple contracts to ensure coverage, which can be expensive and complicated to manage. This is especially true if you want primary and redundant connections with different big telecom providers.

While these complex and expensive solutions are not practical for the average business, there’s an alternative option for on-site connectivity that’s cheaper and easier to implement. This will enable your business to achieve better internet and, in turn, improve productivity.

There’s a Reliable (And Affordable) Remedy

While the idea of reliable and affordable on-site connectivity might sound like a dream, it’s becoming a reality. The key is leveraging the existing infrastructure of big telecom in a more optimized way with aggregated connectivity. This approach shifts businesses from relying on a single telecom provider to leveraging the best carriers available in a region.

More specifically, a bonded Internet solution combines multiple connections from different ISPs into a single router. This leads to faster Internet speeds and makes it more reliable because of redundant connections. If one connection goes down, you can seamlessly switch to another without noticing the change.

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